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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRUFRESH®?
TRUFRESH® technology was developed to preserve the cellular structure of all meats and works especially well on fish and seafood that are normally known for their poor conventional freezing qualities. The TRUFRESH® method produces the quality of fresh with the safety and convenience of frozen.

How does it work?
The TRUFRESH® method entails the following:

  1. The vacuum packaged TRUFRESH® fish is immersed into our patented brine formulation.
  2. The fish freezes incredibly fast due to complex ice crystals forming in the brine at -40 degrees C., and dissolving at -38 degrees C., almost completely eliminating the formation of complex ice crystals in the muscle tissue cells of the fish.
  3. Traditional freezing methods form ice crystals in the fish, causing purge when thawed
  4. The TRUFRESH® Process retains the highest qualities of resilience, aroma, texture, color and taste.

Where does your Salmon come from?
TRUFRESH® frozen Salmon comes from the cold, clean waters of Northern Norway (Nordland) approximately 300 nautical miles north of the Arctic Circle. This area of Norway is known for its pure waters and is an excellent area for the Salmon to grown and thrive in.

How should I thaw my SALMON products out?
Enclosed in every order there are handling instructions.
The preferred method for thawing TRUFRESH® SALMONproducts is:

  1. Make a small hole in each end of the plastic package that contains your product.
  2. In a pan or plate containing ice, place the frozen product on top of the ice and put the pan or plate in your refrigerator. This method usually takes 12 to 16 hours depending upon the temperature of your refrigerator.

The second method for thawing your product is:

  1. Make a small hole in each end of the plastic package that contains your product.
  2. Place the frozen product in your refrigerator. This method will usually take between 6 to 12 hours depending upon the temperature of your refrigerator.
  3. The third and least preferred method for thawing your product is:
  4. Place a pot or pan in your kitchen sink with cool running water, 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that the drain is open in your sink.
  6. Place the product in the pan or pot allowing the water in the pan or pot to overflow into the sink.
  7. This method usually take between 10 to 20 minutes depending upon how much product you are thawing and the size of your pan or pot.
  8. Remove your product from the package and COOK IMMEDIATELY.

Why does TRUFRESH® Salmon look “freezer burned”?
TRUFRESH® salmon DOES look different than conventionally frozen fish because it IS different than conventionally frozen fish, its better! The white “freezer burned” look that you see are the natural proteins of the salmon that are on the surface of the fish being frozen. Think of its color as a trademark of any Salmon being frozen by our process. Look for it and know it for the quality that comes with it. When your TRUFRESH® Salmon products thaw they will look just like fresh. Watch it bloom!

How long can I keep my TRUFRESH® frozen product in my home freezer?
All TRUFRESH® frozen products are stored in a –20 degree Fahrenheit storage facility before shipment. Most home frost-free freezers have a defrost cycle that we have verified may sometimes reach +40 degrees Fahrenheit! This above freezing temperature cycling is what keeps your freezer frost-free but is also what costs shelf life of certain products and also what increases the risk of freezer burn. We recommend keeping your TRUFRESH® frozen product in the original shipment container until you are ready to use the product. We recommend that the max shelf life in a frost-free freezer be kept to no more than one month. After which the frequent temperature cycling may damage and negate the TRUFRESH® freezing benefit and the product WILL taste different, as it has been technically conventionally refrozen. We highly recommend the use of a chest or upright freezer that is not frost-free.

Can I refreeze TRUFRESH® frozen product after it has been thawed?
We DO NOT recommend doing this as it negates the value of the TRUFRESH® freezing method from the product.